PROMO SITE Moscow and Russia guide and journalist Mikhail Bersenev
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       This project is personal  PROMO SITE of Moscow and all Russia guide Mikhail Bersenev. I am a historian bachelor by my University degree. My facebook account is here and you are welcome to join my friend list

    Here you can see an awesome world of materials about Russia and Russian customs and landmarks. You will learn more about Russian cuisine. I wright movie reviews as well. I took part in TV shows as an expert (strictly following an original TV script).

    Here you may read reviews of mine as a traveler across the countries, my epigrams and poems, humorous plays and screenplays, starting chapters of my novels. 

    I'm english-speaking guide  

    I work as a tour guide on Moscow/Golden Ring of Russia/Saint-Petersburg and Far East and Siberia.

    - Moscow and Golden Ring and Saint-Petersburg

    -Sochi and Kazan and Karelia

    -Kamchatka and Ural

    -Belorussia and Georgia


    One foreign friend of mine said to me one day. “Russia is another planet for me. Things here are so different”. Yes, there are distinctions between Russia and other countries but let us remember Christopher Columbus. If he were scared could he discover America?

    Hello, my name is Mikhail. Michael in English. I am a professional guide for Moscow, Saint- Petersburg and all Russia. Moscow is my native city. I was born here. I played all my childhood in Moscow narrow and wide streets and avenues. I remember Moscow in USSR times, I remember it to be a grey and dangerous city in 90th. But for last two decades this city changed significantly. Now Moscow is one of the most beautiful and secure and high-tech cities in the world. Largest in Europe.

    There are so many landmarks here but my favorite is Moscow metro. I call it the 8th Wonder of the World. These underground palaces all the time make me feel admired. Moscow metro is a whole universe and 80 meters underground sometimes. I like this unique object and I would like to share it with tourists.

    I do excursions in English in Moscow subway. I like to show them Kremlin and Red Square, VDNH, Sparrow Hills, Victory Park, Russian Ballet and so called “7 sisters” of Moscow (Stalin*s high-rises). I like to take tourists to a holy heart for Russians – Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius in a city of Sergiev Posad (70 km from Moscow). But real Russia stretches more distant. I like to take tourists to the cities of a Golden Ring of Russia.


    Here you can really taste the charm of a provincial Russia. Here you may taste Russian native drinks medovuha, or kvass. You may hear Russian women singing. Here you may inhale Russian Spirit mentioned by Russian prominent poet Pushkin. Golden Ring of Russia is another Russia and it leaves very peaceful sentiment. I take the tourists to a marvelous Saint-Petersburg as well. Some people call it a northern Venice. This city is different to Moscow. This is the city-museum and cultural capital of Russia.

    But if the tourists eager to see a virgin Russia I welcome them to Kamchatka. Kamchatka volcanoes are breathtaking. I bring tourists to Kazan and Sochi. This year 2017 Kazan city was ranked as a most hospitable city in Russia among foreign users of a service by the way.

    I am a Russian man and I take care of my tourists. I speak English and do excursions in English. I protect my tourists in case of aggressive behavior of some too much hospitable locals when they want to drink some vodka with a foreigner “za znakomstvo” (a toast for acquaintance). But it happens rarely, indeed. I give to the tourists not only a transport/accommodation/security services but I give them a small piece of my heart.

    So, be brave my friend! Russia is another planet and I can help you to land here secure and comfortable. This world is quite safe and beautiful and absolutely unique. I am pulling my hand to salute you, my unknown friend yet. Shake my hand and let’s explore this planet together.

    Я бы хотел примерно такого:
    родился, учился
    As an author I publish my articles and short stories about life in Russia in various newspapers and websites in Russia, Belarus, Holland, Germany, Italy. I take part in television projects from time to time.

    I travel to Russia and worldwide sharing my impressions. In 2011 I became the winner (1st place) in a competition of reviews about vacation in the Krasnodar region, organized by Department of Complex Development of Resorts and tourism of Krasnodar region of Russia with the informative support of a website "Kuban" (I was awarded by two permits to Sochi. We went there with my daughter). Here on website you can find my reviews about Big Sochi and so on.

    I live in Moscow but Sochi is in my heart especially after The Olympic Games 2014 

     This website contains my reviews as a traveler in my trips to Russia, Jordan, the USA, Cyprus, Oman, Germany, Cambodia, UAE, Greece, Italy, San Marino, Austria, Egypt, Latvia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia,Czech Republic, Thailand, Tunisia, Slovakia, Moldova,Vietnam, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria, Andorra, Israel, Ukraine, Spain, Belarus, the Caribbean (Dominican Republic) and etc.

    С Костей Дзю я бы один на один на ринг не вышел. Мне его просто жалко)) 



     My book available








    If you need an assistance in your tour to Russia/ accommodation/translation/ information/ transport and security services  please apply for me with minimum hesitations.


    Another theme: If you are interested in having articles and short stories about Russia for your website or a newspaper  please ask me as well. English/Russian languages 


    Join me on: Skype: 



    A noticeable part of my articles(in Russian) you may explore on a famous journalist website in Russia


    Я - автор ШколыЖизни.ру


    Russia is another planet. Let me help you to land here comfortably and secure for a while.


    My excursions are very interesting))))






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